List of New Construction Projects

Requests for Public Comment

Requests for a public comment period on a permit application must be submitted within 15 days of its posting.

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New Construction Projects

Company Address                      
Project Description
Date Posted
Contact Engineer
Franz Seattle Division - Weller St. 2006 S Weller St, Seattle, WA  98144 Bread baking with fifteen natural gas fired ovens controlled by a catalytic oxidizer 10/17/18 Madeline Camp
Empyreal Cannabis LLC 3303 S 35th St, Unit B19, Tacoma, WA  98409 Application for marijuana production and processing facility. 10/17/18 Courtney O'Gorman
Quikrete Companies Inc 1420 Port of Tacoma Rd, Tacoma, WA  98421 Administrative update to the equipment description in Order of Approval No. 9430.  10/11/18 Courtney O'Gorman
Dawn Star 432 S Massachusetts St, Seattle, WA  98134 Marijuana plant growing, harvesting and packaging 10/9/18 Madeline Camp
Olympic Pipe Line Company LLC, Renton Station 2319 Lind Ave SW, Renton, WA  98057 Permit application submitted to modify existing permit language of NOCOA # 9877 to discontinue monthly laboratory testing requirements and use in-field testing instead. 9/26/18 Ralph Munoz
Boeing Commercial Airplane Auburn 700 15th St SW, Auburn, WA  98002 New permit application submitted to replace an existing baghouse on the 5-axis laser cutter system permitted under NOCOA #10974, with a new baghouse.  9/25/18 Ralph Munoz
New Tacoma Cemeteries & Funeral Home 9212 Chambers Crk Rd W, Tacoma, WA  98467 Application for one new human cremation unit. 9/25/18 Courtney O'Gorman
United States Gypsum Company 401 C St NW, Auburn, WA  98001 Installation of storage silos and railroad unloading equipment for the handling of clay and plaster. 9/19/18 Brian Renninger
Heiser Truck Bodies 9426 8th Ave S, Seattle, WA  98108 Application for three spray booths used for spray coating of motor vehicles. 9/19/18 Madeline Camp
BFC Architectural Metals 19034 Des Moines Memorial Dr, SeaTac, WA  98148 Proposal to install a new spray booth for the finishing of decorative and architectural metallic parts.  9/19/18 Alfredo Arroyo
US Navy Naval Undersea Warfare Center 610 Dowell St, Keyport, WA  98345 Proposal to install a tank to strip anodize with a 210 deg. F chromic and phosphoric acid aqueous solution. Associated air pollution controls include a wet packed scrubber and mist eliminating technology. 9/19/18 Alfredo Arroyo