Community, Equity & Access

Our vision is for everyone, everywhere to breathe clean, healthy air all the time – regardless of whom they are or where they live. In addition to reducing air pollution overall, we also focus on equity, so nobody is more at risk because of where they live or their socioeconomic status. No community in our region should bear disproportionate burdens and exposure from air pollution. 

To be relevant and serve all people in our four counties, we reach out and listen to community concerns and make room to work with issues new to us. Our commitment to equity and environmental justice means taking the time to build and invest in relationships with a range of constituents, from partner institutions to academic and grassroots organizations.

Our Focus Areas

Our focus areas are geographic locations with degraded air quality, whose residents face economic or historic barriers to participation in clean air decisions and solutions. 

Learn more about how we've designated our focus here in the full report. 



Chinatown-International District


Georgetown-South Park




Our Latest Stories

  1. VideoCapture

    A Hopeful Future

    We are partnering with Mary Bridge Children's Hospital to support awareness of how air pollution impacts asthma and to help provide solutions to the issue. Hear a families story about how their children are impacted and their hopes for the future. Watch the Video
  2. tsbGroupShot

    Mentorship and Community Action

    This Summer, the Service Board (tSB), a local non-profit centered on youth leadership and mentorship, worked with us educate and empower tSB youth to take community action regarding air quality and environmental justice. Read More
  3. RecTech

    Air Quality Thru Tech

    We have partnered with RecTech, a summer internship program with Seattle Parks and Recreation, that trains students through technology to better prepare them for college. Read More
  4. Healthcare Access

    Health Equity

    Did you know that when compared to the national average, Washington State has the third largest number of residents that were born in the Marshall Islands, with the city of Auburn where most reside? Read More
  5. veg

    Connecting to Community with Service

    How do you make connections to a place and people to understand their needs? Read More
  6. IMG_0933

    Next Generation and Citizen Science

    Teaching kids how to read air monitors as a citizen science approach. Read More
  7. PeopleWalking

    Earth Day Movement and Equity

    How Can the Earth Day Movement Continue to Support Equity? Read More