Air Quality Sensors

Air Sensor Lending Program

Have an air quality question that would benefit from an air sensor [link to examples]?  Are you an educator who wants to teach kids about air quality?  We now have a limited number of air sensors to loan to community groups, educators, and individuals.  

Please fill out the form to apply for a sensor loan. 

We review these applications quarterly, and will get back to you on status of your application after our next review.  The applications are scored based on priority agency locations (see our focus community work), project scope, relevance of air sensors to answer your question, and including education and outreach.  Project approval is also dependent on the availability of agency staff and resources.

Note: Air sensors are intended to be educational and are non-regulatory.  This means that they cannot be used for permitting, compliance, policy, or interpretation of health effects.  The data from these sensors are not owned by PSCAA and we are not responsible for their use or misuse.

Just returned your sensors?  Email us with feedback on the process and tell us what you learned!