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Member Benefits


Participating in this partnership provides many benefits to stakeholders and the region:

Collective Effort: Membership in the Coalition provides a forum for joint action in working towards the common goals of reducing air pollution, global warming and the importation of petroleum.

Legislative Influence: The Coalition is active at the federal and state levels, seeking support for alternative fuels including financial incentives for vehicle purchases, infrastructure development and fuels. Participation in the Coalition helps provide members a voice in these legislative processes, while each member's participation bolsters the collective effort of the Coalition as a whole.

Public Image: Membership in the Coalition identifies your business or agency as environmentally friendly and active in addressing environmental concerns.

Financial Assistance: As a Clean Cities organization, the Coalition has access to grants specifically allocated for our purposes. These grants provide funding for the purchase of vehicles and the installation of refueling and recharging facilities. The Coalition provides assistance in developing project proposals and expertise in writing grant applications.

Education: The Western Washington Clean Cities Coalition provides up-to-date information on the latest developments in alternative fuel vehicles, and offers at least 8 events and workshops per year. The Coalition can also assist in determining what vehicles are most appropriate for a given application.

Practical Experience: Coalition membership provides access to entities currently employing alternative fuel vehicles, providing the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others.

Leveraging Resources: The development of partnerships among members allow for the leveraging of resources and the sharing of costs, such as developing shared fueling facilities or providing access to existing private facilities.

Market Access: The broad range of membership in the Coalition provides mutually beneficial business opportunities to members.

Become a Member

First, potential members must fill out the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This can be done by downloading and printing the MOU. Signatories of the MOU agree to undertake their best efforts to achieve the goals and objectives of WWCCC and to pay Annual Membership Fees or provide in-kind services. After the Coalition receives the MOU, WWCCC will contact the new member and send an invoice for annual membership fees.

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