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Washington State Department of Enterprise Services


The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) plays a vital role in contracting and purchasing low to zero-emission vehicles, leasing vehicles, and implementing the state's transportation initiatives. 

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48363724_518689758631878_602983124543995904_nUniversity of Washington 


The University of Washington's Fleet Services is acing its climate test by using electric vehicles and biofuels on campus. 

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Oak Harbor Public Schools


The Whidbey Island-based school district sees the benefits of getting on board with propane autogas. 

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City of Seattle EVCity of Seattle


The City of Seattle shows how going electric is a real no-brainer.

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Click Wholesale Distributing


Local beverage distributor saves thousands switching to CNG.

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King County Metropool


King County launches one of the nation’s first EV rideshare programs.

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The Essential Baking Company


This local purveyor of delicious, organic baked good fuels its entire fleet with B99 biodiesel.

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