New for 2020: A Regional Partnership Enhances our Coalition

March 26, 2020

The Western Washington Clean Cities Coalition (WWCC), hosted by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, is continuing to work with our members and partners to enhance alternative fuel use and embark on new efforts to equitably reduce emissions from transportation.

Angela Song is now officially the coordinator for WWCC! She will remain your primary contact for all WWCC-related needs; you can reach her at  Please join the rest of the WWCC team in congratulating Angela!!

We will continue to support our members through events, trainings, and site visits.  Over the past several months, WWCC has been working closely with the Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition (CWCC), based out of Portland, Oregon, to develop a truly regional approach to reducing transportation sector emissions. To broaden our reach and solidify this partnership, 2020’s events and trainings will be jointly hosted by both WWCC and CWCC and will include:

  • Fuel/technology outreach and demonstrations, end-user workshops and outreach event(s).
  • Targeted coaching and technical assistance to fleets.
  • Site visits and educational tours of fleet operations and infrastructure.
  • Training and education related to alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies. 

Over the next year, you will see more of CWCC in Western Washington as we transition many of our coalition’s activities into CWCC’s capable hands, still under the banner of WWCC. With that transition in mind, we want to take this opportunity to introduce you to CWCC staff, who have years of experience running their top-notch coalition:

  • Brian Trice: Brian currently serves as CWCC’s Executive Director, having been with the coalition since 2011. Many of you know Brian as the Organizer for the Green Transportation Summit and Expo, although he also offers a wealth of fleet-focused technical assistance that can contribute significantly to the efforts of our members (503-688-0989,
  • Michael Graham: Michael currently serves as Director of Policy & Communication at CWCC. He focuses on decarbonizing the transportation sector through alternative fuels education, information, outreach, and project facilitation (818-422-3415,

We’re excited to continue our commitment to all our members while simultaneously enhancing our regional efforts in partnership with CWCC.  Looking forward to a great year!