West Coast electric Fleets

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Thinking about electrifying your fleet, but not sure where to start? West Coast Electric Fleets offers fleet managers a wealth of information about zero-emission vehicles (like all-electric & fuel cell vehicles) so you can lead the charge toward a more sustainable future. 

West Coast Electric Fleets (WCEF) helps fleets in Washington, Oregon, California & British Columbia incorporate zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) into their operations. By providing access to a network of fleet professionals across the West Coast, fleets can learn from one another as they begin to ramp up their use of ZEVs and their associated fueling or charging infrastructure.

WCEF provides its partners with:

  • An online Resource Library that can help fleet managers assess how ZEVs best meet their fleet’s operational needs and save them money
  • Access a peer-to-peer network of fleet managers to learn from each other about successful strategies, lessons and resources
  • Events to learn more about ZEVs, such as ride-and-drives
  • Recognition for partner fleets on the WCEF website, through press releases and at WCEF events
  • Opportunities to be profiled in case studies and contribute to lessons learned

About West Coast Electric Fleets

The West Coast Electric Fleets Pledge aligns the efforts of public and private fleets to purchase electric vehicles with the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC) goal to: “Take actions to expand the use of zero-emission vehicles, aiming for 10 percent of new vehicle purchases in public and private fleets.”

Organizations signing the pledge become fleet partners and join a network of other fleet partners committed to deploying EVs, which include battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The commitment has four tiers, taking into account the diverse needs, opportunities, and time-frames of fleets.

Several Western Washington Clean Cities members have taken the WCEF pledge to add ZEVs to their fleet:

  • City of Everett -- On-Ramp Partner
  • City of Olympia -- On-Ramp Partner
  • City of Seattle -- Diamond Lane Partner
  • King County -- Diamond Lane Partner
  • Puget Sound Clean Air Agency -- On-Ramp Partner
  • Washington State Department of Commerce -- Diamond Lane Partner
  • Washington State Department of Enterprise Services -- Diamond Lane Partner
  • Washington State Department of Transportation -- Diamond Lane Partner
  • Washington State Department of Enterprise Services -- Diamond Lane Partner

For more information, or to discuss becoming a WCEF Partner, Contact Us