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Electric Vehicle Charging Rebate in Washington State

Updated: Jul 2

The Washington Electric Vehicle Charging Program (WAEVCP) has successfully concluded its latest round of applications, which ended in December 2023. Our coalition's role was to gather interest in the program and support applicants with technical assistance and resources throughout the application process.

While there is no firm date for the next round of applications, we will update our blog as soon as new information becomes available.

Here’s an overview of the program for those interested:

Program Overview

The WAEVCP was designed to incentivize the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Washington State, aiming to enhance the state’s EV infrastructure significantly.

Substantial Funding Provided

In the recent solicitation, the program made $64 million in funding available. This included substantial awards for installing various types of charging stations, such as:

  • Up to $203,000 for 20 level 2 chargers

  • $663,000 for six fast-charging ports (DCFC)

  • $723,000 for a combination of both level 2 and DCFC chargers

Eligibility and Application

Eligible applicants included cities, counties, tribes, utilities, and nonprofit organizations. The program aimed to support a wide range of EV charging projects, with a particular focus on public charging stations and projects located in low-income or underserved communities.

Project Encouragement

The program encouraged applications for public charging stations, especially those in geographical areas lacking sufficient charging infrastructure. This emphasis aimed to ensure that EV charging capabilities are extended to communities in need.

Application Process and Support

Applications for the last round were accepted until December 1, 2023. Throughout the application period, we provided personalized technical support and resources to assist with eligibility questions and the application process.

Stay Informed

While the next round of funding is currently uncertain, we will update our blog with new information as it becomes available. For further details, you can visit the WAEVCP website and stay tuned for future announcements.

For any questions or support, feel free to reach out to us directly at

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