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Our members are visionaries with ideas worth funding. We secured over $7 million in grant funding in 2021 alone to turn clean transportation dreams into reality across the Northwest and nationwide. Whether you’re looking for the first electric garbage truck in Oregon or a complete tugboat repower, talk to us about your idea and let’s get to work today.

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City of Roses Electric Garbage Truck Project

In 2021 the Portland General Electric Company (PGE) awarded the Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition (CWCC) $675,218 for their proposal to deploy the State of Oregon’s first all-electric truck – an electric garbage truck with the City of Roses Disposal & Recycling (COR). COR is a family-owned and operated local Portland materials management company. COR collects waste and/or discarded debris that are typically disposed of and converts them into reusable resources and products.

2021 - Cleaner Air Columbia Project

In August of 2021, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) announced their intent to fully fund the repower of three tugboats owned and operated by the local Portland, Oregon-based Shaver Transportation Company.

The Cleaner Air Columbia project will involve replacing a combination of five Unregulated and Tier 2 engines across three tugboats with new EPA Certified Tier-3 engines. 

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Southwest Electric Refrigerated Transport (SWERT)

The Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities was awarded a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA) clean diesel funding award of $1,380,770 to replace one diesel yard truck with an electric yard truck, seven diesel refrigerated trailers with all-electric refrigerated trailers, and install 108 electrified parking spaces to eliminate refrigerated trailer idling in Phoenix, Arizona (Maricopa County).

EVWatts: The Electric Vehicle Wide-Scale Analysis for Tomorrow’s Transportation Solutions

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The EV WATTS project is a nationwide electric vehicle data collection project that aims to create the first national-scale set of electric vehicle operating and charging session data. The project team is partnering with local fleets that have existing electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and data-capable electric vehicle charging stations to collect their usage data. Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition (CWCC) and the Western Washington Clean Cities Coalition (WWCC) are working with fleets across the Pacific Northwest to deploy telematics devices in existing all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, as well as collect charging session data from vehicle chargers.

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Westsmart Grant

The WestSmartEV@Scale project is a U.S. Department of Energy-funded, multi-state project creating an enduring regional electric vehicle ecosystem across the West to sustain accelerated growth in freight, business, and consumer use of electric vehicles. Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities will be coordinating and providing tailored workforce training to help implement the project.

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Drive Clean Rural USA

The Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities and project lead Transportation Energy Partners (TEP) are implementing a new U.S. Department of Energy project in the “Helping Rural Counties Transition to Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles” project, also known as the Drive Clean Rural USA campaign.

The project provides outreach, education, and tailored technical assistance resources around cleaner fuels and technologies to underserved rural county governments, communities, and fleets in rural regions of Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Alabama, Utah, Oregon, and Washington State. The 2-year project will include at least 24 communities across the participating states.

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