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The document below serves as a comprehensive resource guide for sustainable transportation professionals. Compiled by the Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition and Western Washington Clean Cities Coalition, it features a wealth of tech talks, webinars, and seminars aimed at advancing knowledge and best practices in areas such as renewable fuels, hydrogen power, electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, fleet electrification, and cutting-edge technical skills.

Each section provides links to in-depth presentations on specific topics like renewable gasoline and ethanol, AutoGas alternatives, fuel cell electric trucks, and the rollout of fuel cell electric cars in the Pacific Northwest, among others.

Additionally, the handout includes a series of informative seminars designed to prepare the workforce for the future of the transportation industry, highlighting key areas like advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and vehicle electrification certification.

It's a valuable toolkit for professionals looking to reduce emissions, enhance fuel efficiency, and contribute to energy planning for a renewable and resilient future.

Mindful Mobility Tech Talks Handout (2)
Download PDF • 170KB

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