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EMPOWER Workplace Charging Project

Updated: Jun 12

The Department of Energy-funded EMPOWER Workplace Charging Project, led by Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition (CWCC), features over 30 Clean Cities Coalitions across the country working as EMPOWER Workplace Charging Coaches to provide their local workplaces with the educational resources, tailored technical assistance, and recognition of workplaces with success stories of expanding charging access to their employees.

Workplace charging demonstrates a strong commitment to a workplace’s sustainability goals while increasing the convenience and affordability of driving electric for employees. Success requires navigating a new world of electric vehicle charging and proper workplace charging program implementation to ensure usage of the installed chargers.

Employers can find resources on planning and executing successful workplace charging projects and internal programs here on the EMPWOWER Workplace Charging Project page.

Sign our Pledge to get connected with your local Clean Cities Coalition Coach who will guide you through every step of the workplace charging process, researching any available incentives to reduce the cost of your project.

Your local Coach will also help recognize your organization for your part in advancing access to electric vehicles.

Many of the best practices, lessons learned, tools, and templates available here are based on the accomplishments of EMPOWER Workplace Charging Project partners and past U.S. Department of Energy workplace charging initiatives.

The City of Boston’s How-To Guide: Starting a Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Program(PDF)  provides additional information about planning and managing workplace charging, including a sample charging etiquette booklet for employees.

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