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Drive Clean Rural USA

The Western Washington Clean Cities Coalition and project lead Transportation Energy Partners (TEP) are implementing a new U.S. Department of Energy project in the “Helping Rural Counties Transition to Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles” project, also known as the Drive Clean Rural USA campaign.

Drive Clean Rural USA is an 8-state pilot project funded by the DOE, and led by Transportation Energy Partners, focused on bringing together rural government leaders, business owners, fleet managers, farmers, and industry experts to accelerate rural communities' access to clean fuel transportation solutions.

The project provides outreach, education, and tailored technical assistance resources around cleaner fuels and technologies to underserved rural county governments, communities, and fleets in rural regions of Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Alabama, Utah, Oregon, and Washington State. The 2-year project will include at least 24 communities across the participating states.

Six Clean Cities Coalitions will spearhead project outreach. Participating coalitions include the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition, Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities (Oregon), Western Washington Clean Cities, South Shore Clean Cities (Indiana), Utah Clean Cities, Virginia Clean Cities, and Wisconsin Clean Cities.

The project is led by the Clean Fuels Ohio team and TEP.

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