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Member Spotlight: Chargepoly

Chargepoly helps transportation and logistics fleets with planning, installation, charging operations, and optimization of their EV investment by delivering the most reliable, powerful, and intelligent charging solution for EV fleets. Chargepoly’s North American headquarters is in Kirkland, Washington,

Chargepoly has innovated on and improved several areas key for better operation, charging management, interoperability, and distributed energy coordination for medium and heavy duty fleet charging infrastructure. Chargepoly’s compact and flexible charging solution is built with fleet operators in mind. Our highly efficient and reliable chargers deliver more power in less time and are designed to avoid common points of failure that render other chargers unusable.

Chargepoly’s multi-channel power distribution offers more flexibility and resiliency, while the power capacity holds steady during continuous charging sessions and does not derate. As M/HD EV fleets scale and charging demands increase, EV charging infrastructure efficiency, power factor, and intelligence will be essential for EV-grid harmonization and managing charging demands.

Chargepoly Charging Infrastructure Solution Innovations:

Performance Efficiency: >96% efficiency

Power Factor: 0.99 power factor

Point of Charge Power: 400kW

Intelligence: Fully customizable and active charging management + DER coordination

Interoperability: ISO 15118-20, tested and verified by EV OEMs

Operational Reliability: Multi-channel power distribution + 99% uptime guarantee

Scalability: Unlimited dispensers can be connected to a single power unit

Future Proofing: Charging infrastructure hardware can be easily upgraded to higher capacities using the existing infrastructure

Fast Charge Your ROI with Chargepoly

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